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Saturday, 28 July 2007


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I think I missed 6:30pm. Oh well, I’m here now. Floors mopped, well, most of em. Bitter cats who hate the whole floor mopping thing.

We’re in Leo now. And we’ve got a full moon tomorrow.
Since Leo is all about attention. The King of the jungle and all. So a certain amount of needing to be catered to. That’s often when a leo will get on my nerves, when he/she needs to be catered to. That stuff is tiresome.

But in Leo our focus is to come from the heart. Do what comes from the heart. That’s never a bad idea.




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I forgot that Zelda thinks that cherries are little balls for her to throw around. I left a bowl of cherries on my desk while I went to get my brownies. Found an abandoned cherry on the floor. Brat!

Haven’t moved much since I ate. Might want to mop the floors. Got all my writing on my desk so I’ll be getting to that eventually.

I’ve got everyone craving and subsequently baking brownies over at the Shattered Prayer. Cracks me up to no end. Of course it all started because Richard the Previous and Mojo were having pizza and chicken wings and I was jealous.

Okay I’m going to start with mopping the floors because they can use it and from there rotate between writing a bit and working out a bit. My story and I’m sticking to it.

Now if I could only get rid of this stomach thing that is keeping me slowed down.

I promise eventually I’ll write something with substance. I hope


5:30pm- I’m back!

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Okay got turtle brownies, six of em. but no tortellini. Settled for a tandoori chicken leg and a jerk chicken leg instead.

It’s too beautiful outside and not too busy downtown. Maybe every one trekked up to the Beaches for the music festival. Thought occurred to me to go but then always the chance of running into ex boyfriend who was full of googly eyes when I saw him during Mercury Retrograde. Not really in the mood for that.

Why is it that you could live somewhere and never run into people you want to run into but the one person you don’t… that’s the one you see? Maybe the trick is to not want to run into people in order to run into them. Think about that for a while. ha ha.

While I’m at it I think I don’t want to find a bag full of money and I certainly don’t want to meet a dateable guy. ha ha! Hmm.

Andy Garcia is looking too beautiful in Godfather 3. The only reason to watch the movie, even though he is a hot head like Santino.


2:30pm ish

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Of course it’s a beautiful sunny and hot day today. I know I complained about the blogathon last year being on such a spectacular day. That’s why I can’t commit to it. The thought of being held hostage inside when it’s so beautiful out is too much to bear. And yet I manage to move exceptionally slow each year on the blogathon Saturday. Funny how that happens.

I’ve got the dress on and am just about ready to walk out the door on the little Daniel and Daniel expedition for turtle brownies. Although my stomach is a mess, I figure I can slap them in the freezer for later better stomach days. Of course you know that I will still have at least one. The only thing is if they have tortellini then I’m in trouble. I love their Tortellini.

I must consider doing a faux blogathon on a cold winter day. I still think that blogging a novel would be fun. Somebody should get on that. ha ha

Okay, the godfather 2 is almost over. Kay has left Michael. Fredo is crying at mom’s coffin. Connie wants to stay close to home now. Soon Fredo will die. Soon part two will be over. Then I will walk to Daniel et Daniel for the goodies. Yeah that’s it.

In the meantime, I’ll get my writing organized on my desk to do some work when I get back. I’d like to be around some people but I love being home too.

If only SW could stay and do the writing while EY goes to get the goodies.



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I was checking facebook and commenting on Shattered Prayer and stuff that my half hour is almost done.

Next is to pull out the writing and get started on that and look at some writing articles and see what I can share here for my faux blogathon. Considering walking to Daniel and Daniel for some turtle brownies. Boy if I only knew how to make those. Then I could save myself the trip. Of course I’d have to motivate myself to make them.

I was telling someone about Growler’s peanut butter pie. I will have to pull out that recipe and make it again. It would be nice to bring it as a gift for his upcoming play. But who am I kidding? It won’t happen.

If I do walk to Daniel and Daniel, I will miss a few entries. Mind you that would count as part of the working out I’m supposed to be doing today. Lord help me and my lazy bones.

SW (EY is sleeping, haha!)


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That half hour flies by especially when you’re moving slow.
I’ve got the Godfather 2 on on AMC Tv. I’m a sucker for the Godfather. A young Al Pacino, a young Robert De Niro. How could you possibly choose between the two? And you don’t, they are both there. It’s too bad the 3rd installment sucks the big one but at least Andy Garcia is there for eye candy.

My type, all three men, dark hair/dark eyes. That’s what always sends my heart a flutter!

Enjoying my smoothie. Cleaned some cherries and cut up a cantaloupe. If don’t finish my cantaloupe, the rest of it will go into tomorrow’s smoothie. That’s how it goes.

The four cats have all found spots in the apartment to relax in. All are visible except Zoe who is still in the kitchen cupboard but she shows her face everytime I go into the kitchen. I’ve got all my hand washing clothing soaking. So things do get done in this place but verry very slowly. Plus I’m having some typing issues. Can’t seem to hit the right keys. Hence the double r in very. sigh


1pm – faux blogathon

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Just like last year’s faux blogathon, I’m moving slow again.
I managed to make my smoothie. I have added a nice little twist to my smoothies that amp up the vitamins and amp up the taste too.

I’ve been finding that the only carrots that I can eat are mini carrots. The regular carrots always seem to be lacking something. I know that Carrots are filled with all sorts of good stuff so I had been juicing them with my beet juice but was finding that there’s too much stuff at the bottom of the juice. Like sediment, I guess. Grosses me right out. I don’t like juice with pulp and any sediment like stuff just makes me gag.

For whatever reason, I can tolerate more stuff in a smoothie because it’s generally thicker and you don’t really notice pulp or sediment or whatever. I know, I know, I’m just strange. But I’m okay with that. So anyhow, here is my latest smoothie recipe that I’ve been making and loving. I use both a blender and a juice extractor for this one:

In Blender, combine:
thick wedge pineapple
handful or more frozen mixed berries
handful or more frozen cranberries
frozen peaches/kiwis etc
tablespoon whole flax seeds
fill with pomegranate juice (store bought)

Blend til it’s a smoothie (ha ha!)

In Juice Extractor, Juice:
3-4 oranges
2-3 carrots
2-3 apples

mix the orange/ carrot/ apple juice with the smoothie in the blender.
And drink until your hearts content or til it’s all gone.


12:30 pm

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Didn’t hear my timer go off. I’ll probably have to carry it around with me. Still haven’t worked out yet and I’m just getting ready to make a fruit smoothie and cut up a fresh cantaloupe to get my system running and keep it cool.

I couldn’t be bothered being the hard ass girl and turned on my AC. Probably why I couldn’t hear my timer.

Any how, my thoughts are filled with catching up with my high school best friend last night after 25 years. The big thing was my letters that I wrote to her and she has kept all these years. Listening to my voice then, what I was thinking about, I could almost have an out of body experience back to my teenage home and all the turmoil. I was surprised that I’d divulged as much as I did about my feelings. It seems in September of 1978 I wrote her a letter every single day. Too funny. I said, “Holy crap, it must have been a bad month for me.”

What a gift it is to almost see the person I was. That’s why people should keep journals for their whole life. Connection to the self. It’s mind blowing. It may be time to pull out my trunk of journals that I’ve kept over the years of living in Toronto. And read my mother’s journals.

The ironic part of all this, is that my character Kali will be keeping a journal through out all the novels of White Wishes. I didn’t even realize how fascinated I am with journals until I spoke to my high school best friend last night. Nor did I even see a connection to myself. Freaky!


12 Noon

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I almost forgot about setting a timer. It’s been a year since my last faux blogathon. Plus I’m not totally sure how long I will do this. But I do remember how it gets the brain clicking. What am I going to write about next? The question that flits through the mind while I do other stuff, like put away my laundry and the like.

Fed the cats. Zoe has found a new place to relax where she can see the action unobserved. She’s been hanging out in the cupboard under the kitchen counter. I left that empty ages ago when I kept finding a different cat having a nap in there. Actually I store my Portable AC hose in there when it’s not summer.

What I’d like to do today, aside from offering Che moral blogging support is to work out, work on my novels and eat. Maybe in a bit of a rotation.

It’s the Beaches Jazz festival today, which is a bit of a joke because it’s never jazz, I think. But I don’t know if I’ll make it out there. I would normally rollerblade but I feel like poop. Sometimes the best medicine is just staying home, although I wouldn’t mind being around people today. And I have to say that is a first, saying that I’d like to be around people. Usually I want to get as far away from people as possible.

So I guess things are looking up.


Blogathon time of the year

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Well it’s the blogathon again. Last year I stayed up and kept my friend Che of the shattered prayer company while she blogged. Plus I did my faux blogathon. Not sure how much I’ll manage today as I’m not feeling well. But I’m here. Any extra posts will probably be at my Writing Zazen blog

And if any one comes by, go check out Che at the Shattered prayer and give her a shout out and better yet, donate some money.


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