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Saturday, 28 July 2007

1pm – faux blogathon

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Just like last year’s faux blogathon, I’m moving slow again.
I managed to make my smoothie. I have added a nice little twist to my smoothies that amp up the vitamins and amp up the taste too.

I’ve been finding that the only carrots that I can eat are mini carrots. The regular carrots always seem to be lacking something. I know that Carrots are filled with all sorts of good stuff so I had been juicing them with my beet juice but was finding that there’s too much stuff at the bottom of the juice. Like sediment, I guess. Grosses me right out. I don’t like juice with pulp and any sediment like stuff just makes me gag.

For whatever reason, I can tolerate more stuff in a smoothie because it’s generally thicker and you don’t really notice pulp or sediment or whatever. I know, I know, I’m just strange. But I’m okay with that. So anyhow, here is my latest smoothie recipe that I’ve been making and loving. I use both a blender and a juice extractor for this one:

In Blender, combine:
thick wedge pineapple
handful or more frozen mixed berries
handful or more frozen cranberries
frozen peaches/kiwis etc
tablespoon whole flax seeds
fill with pomegranate juice (store bought)

Blend til it’s a smoothie (ha ha!)

In Juice Extractor, Juice:
3-4 oranges
2-3 carrots
2-3 apples

mix the orange/ carrot/ apple juice with the smoothie in the blender.
And drink until your hearts content or til it’s all gone.



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