Writing Zazen

Saturday, 28 July 2007

12:30 pm

Filed under: Blogathon? — Shelley-Lynne Domingue @ 11:36 am

Didn’t hear my timer go off. I’ll probably have to carry it around with me. Still haven’t worked out yet and I’m just getting ready to make a fruit smoothie and cut up a fresh cantaloupe to get my system running and keep it cool.

I couldn’t be bothered being the hard ass girl and turned on my AC. Probably why I couldn’t hear my timer.

Any how, my thoughts are filled with catching up with my high school best friend last night after 25 years. The big thing was my letters that I wrote to her and she has kept all these years. Listening to my voice then, what I was thinking about, I could almost have an out of body experience back to my teenage home and all the turmoil. I was surprised that I’d divulged as much as I did about my feelings. It seems in September of 1978 I wrote her a letter every single day. Too funny. I said, “Holy crap, it must have been a bad month for me.”

What a gift it is to almost see the person I was. That’s why people should keep journals for their whole life. Connection to the self. It’s mind blowing. It may be time to pull out my trunk of journals that I’ve kept over the years of living in Toronto. And read my mother’s journals.

The ironic part of all this, is that my character Kali will be keeping a journal through out all the novels of White Wishes. I didn’t even realize how fascinated I am with journals until I spoke to my high school best friend last night. Nor did I even see a connection to myself. Freaky!



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