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Monday, 4 June 2007

9 of cups

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Monday 4June07 7:33pm

It’s a perfect night to go rollerblading. It’s warm but not stifling and there is a decent breeze. But I’ve got too much stuff that I want to do, so maybe tomorrow.

I was a cranky pants at work today. Impatient. Didn’t want to listen to anyone’s gibberish. I had an emotional outburst because the air conditioning was too high. Why, when the weather gets warm, must everyone crank up the AC? Really if we could all just use them to take the edge off the heat instead of feeling like you’re living in the arctic. sigh! I was actually contemplating longjohns in our office. Not pretty.

In my mode of crankyness, I had to talk myself off the ledge. Why am I so cranky? What changes can I make to feel more satisfied?

I got home and worked out for 30 minutes. Gonna sit down and write for the rest of the evening. Always realize that I need a certain amount of focus in my free time. It’s when I’m not writing enough that I get cranky and impatient.

I pulled the 9 of cups from the Robin Wood Tarot.
Fat, happy, jolly, grinning man. Happy with the way things are. Emotions under control. Satisfaction.

It’s how I’ve started to feel since I decided to get over it. Stop being so cranky and do the work that makes me feel happy. And give up on the whole impatient thing, it serves no purpose anyway. We’ll see how that all pans out.



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