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Thursday, 3 May 2007

Reaching my Limits

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Thursday 5:45pm 3May07

I left work yesterday and walked down to pick up my tickets for last night’s reading plus the next readings for the month of May and June. I had an hour to kill still before the reading started so I decided I’d go for a walk. Decided I’d go wherever my legs took me. My legs took me home. ha ha! So I never did catch the reading. It was on travel writers and so far that hasn’t become an interest. Maybe when I actually start traveling I’ll be interested in finding out how other writers write about it. Right now the thought just depresses me and reminds me that I don’t get a chance to travel.

Too tired last night and this morning to pick a tarot card but yesterday morning’s card was the 9 of Swords. Something bugging me, keeping me awake at night? Not really but I’ve been darn tired. Mind you there is still that one person that I can’t seem to peg. Can’t totally figure him out and it may be time to let that all go. Sometimes the best thing to do is to let go and let the meaning come to you when you least expect it. But my thoughts of him haven’t been keeping me awake at night. So that’s my story on the 9 of Swords for now anyway.

An interesting journal to start would be a moon journal. When I read the in depth horoscopes like Susan Miller’s it will often mention an upcoming Full moon or eclipse or something and reference one from four years ago or last month and say that whatever issue you were dealing with on the previous one will surface on this one. Who ever remembers what the issues were from yesterday never mind four full moons ago? So it would be interesting to map them and see. At the very least it would be interesting to create a character who keeps such a journal. Yesterday was the full moon. The only issue that crept up was the continuation of feeling frustrated by those select people who take too much of my energy. Feeling like I’ve reached my limit and my patience has been saturated. I did write about it last night while eating my chicken wings before the Reading Interruptus. Yesterday’s full moon was in Scorpio.

Ha ha! But as I go back to look at the sheet on the 9 of swords I see – feeling you’ve reached your limits. Hmm. I pegged that with the full moon only. I love this shit!

My brain is currently more focused on climbing into bed and hibernating under my electric blanket. It’s nice to see sunshine but enough with the cold chill… When’s the warmer weather coming? Will we have any luck for May two-four weekend? Please Lord, can’t we?



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