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Monday, 12 February 2007

Digging for Nuggets

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Monday 12Feb07 8:50pm

Now I’m sitting here and I’ve hit my 3 hour daily writing goal for today so everything else I do is icing. I pulled out Wabi Sabi for writers (by Richard R. Powell) to read a little and dig for nuggets, either a good writing exercise (doing scales as I like to call it) or a phrase that hits me the right way and makes me want to write following that phrase where it will take me. The nugget was “Ordinary Mysteries”.

I had an ordinary mystery today. I wrote a vignette about the ordinary mystery as a piece of fiction, creating a character like me to live it. I thought it might be an entry for this blog but alas it is still too personal to share in the virtual space that anyone can come across.

It was about an intention and a subtle wish. I’ll take this for now but I really want this my thoughts whispered to the cosmos not thinking that they’d be listening. That’s the way it usually happens. That’s what they say to do in the Law of Attraction anyway. State what you want, decide that you will have it, then let it go and know that the universe will give it to you. It’s not easy to do. We always ask, “Why hasn’t it happened yet?” and we stop the magic in its tracks.

I didn’t worry about it today though because today wasn’t the day it was going to happen anyway. In the near future yes but not today. Why worry about the real wish until later on in the week even? I prepared for my intention with all the niceties that showed that I was ready to make it a reality. I arrived at the place like a woman paying her last layaway payment before she finally brings home the object she’s been saving weeks for. And there was a notice posted on the pole. Today of all days. They never have that class on Mondays. Or they never make that special on Mondays. Or some such hidden meaning that I can’t quite find the words to describe so that you kind of get it but don’t get it at all. ha ha

I did say it was too personal.

The surprise notice made me take notice, I’d barely whispered the thought and you heard? The surprise notice told me to forget about settling for second best, I have every right to manifest first best. Imagine something big that you want, now imagine something bigger. Go for the bigger. Grade B could be fun for the time being but I’ve waited so long for Grade A, why not wait a few hours longer especially when it’s already on it’s way?

And the Ordinary Mystery brought me to the Ordinary Miracle.
It was all ordinary because it wasn’t a huge shift in any area but enough of a shift to make me keep the faith. Believe, trust and watch it show up.



  1. Interesting.
    Do you live as you write, or write as you live?
    It is the ordinary mystery itself to me.

    Comment by paintsilence — Thursday, 15 February 2007 @ 12:59 pm

  2. I think I probably do both. Or I live so I can write and have something to write about.
    It is always a mystery isn’t it? Trying to figure out how much to do of both.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting!


    Comment by Silent Warrior — Thursday, 15 February 2007 @ 5:23 pm

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