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Sunday, 7 January 2007

Creating Money

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Sunday 7Jan07 7:23pm

I pulled out the book Creating Money (by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer) to read after I gave it to a friend for Christmas. I’ve never worked through the whole book. Every time I’ve used it has been when I was looking for a job and some how would get a job before I’d make it through to chapter 5.

This time around I’d like to work through it to see what surprises come out of it. I’m reading about a chapter a week, writing up notes and ideas and stuff.

“Your intent to have something directs your energy and focuses it on your goals. You create what you are picturing by concentrating on it with attention and awareness, and keeping it in the back of your mind even when you are involved in other activities. When you hold a steady focus on having something, your intent to have it is clear and strong, and you create what you seek more rapidly. You are alert and able to take advantage of opportunities when they come. You draw things to you with ease and joy. Think of something you want right now. Do you inted to have it? Do you think about it even when you are doing other activities?”

That quote brought me back to my good writing days when I had that single minded focus before I started worrying about paying the rent and the bills and such. In those days I would literally do my work at my job and focus on a character thinking about her qualities and the situation she was in. I used to write a short story a week. I’d spend the first day or so thinking about what I wanted to write about. Decide on the character that would most fit the situation. I’d think about it all and then when I felt a click like everything had fallen in to place I’d sit down and write the short story from beginning to end.

I’d forgotten about that. I forgot that I had more of an organized way to write. Of course I can’t totally do that with a novel and sit down and write it in one sitting but i could write a chapter in one to two sittings.
I’ve been doing an hour long freeflow each night and through it I’ve had more ideas for the mother’s point of view in the novel I’m working on. Rachel’s first chapter will start off with her losing the money. She’s been plopped into the fire and that’s an impossible situation. So this week I’ll think about Rachel in the fire and then when I click, I’ll write her through it.


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