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Friday, 5 January 2007

The Weather

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Friday 5:20am 5Jan07

My other blog is inaccessible this morning. sigh! It’s been happening a lot again.

I haven’t said much about the weather and how unseasonably warm it’s been. I still dress like it’s winter prepared at any moment for some big snowstorm that has yet to happen. It’s funny because there used to be a time when I’d be praying every year for a mild winter but now I know better.

With no good cold weather the yield for frozen grapes to make ice wine is non existent. With no good cold weather hibernating animals come out of hibernation way early. Plus the beauty of a cold winter usually guarantees a hot summer. The summer months are so short I want some kind of guarantee. I want it to be hot. It’s such a long time for summer to come around again if I have to live through a cold one.

It’s not like there’s a complaint department when it comes to the weather. “Um hi, Mother Nature? It’s Silent Warrior and I was wondering if any one else has complained about this winter. It’s just that summer’s so short and if it’s going to be a cold summer because it was a mild winter, well, I’m just saying, I’d rather have a cold winter. Can’t we get back to the distinct four seasons like back in the good old days?”

Nope, nobody to complain to that could make an impact or change things.


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