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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Cycles and Patterns – The Cycles of Years

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It was last year that  Christine Delorey (creativenumerology.com) mentioned going over my previous personal years and writing down all the events I could remember. I took her advice as just, “Oh that’ll be fun and interesting,” not realizing how informative it would really be. I went back into the 1990’s and made notes. This year I’ve been going back further, all the way to my birth. And by the way, if you were ever considering writing your memoirs, this will be a perfect undertaking.

This year, I’m in a personal 9 Year. I’ve taken her advice a step further and I cut and pasted all my previous 9 years into this year’s notes to see at a quick glance what I can learn from the past that will help me today.
Early on, I seemed to sense what the themes would be or maybe what my focus would be for this year. This year for me, is about clearing out the past – and as I’ve discovered through looking at my previous 9 years – Trusting in the Universe.

In looking back at my previous 9 years, I kept it simple. I asked, What have I done in previous 9 years and I listed all that I can remember.  

In previous 9 years, I have had major changes that were originally painful but I was happy with the change in the end. I’ve dated disappointing men  – a theme of them who all virtually said the same thing either in actual words or with actions (in 1985, 1994, and 2003!)and they all showed up when I was at my happiest (when I felt good about myself) and they wiped it out! When they were done I’d  lost some of my light and it felt like a struggle to get it back.

In 2003 My new male theme was to meet men who were taken but only said so after I started to show interest in them after they’d been trying to get my attention. I’ve met at least one per year (every year) since then.

 I realized a lifelong goal in one 9 year (1994).

I had a note in my personal manual that says “Remember 2003 when I left my job and trusted that the money would appear and it did!”

I’ve left major jobs that everyone said I was crazy for leaving (1994, 2003). In 2003, not only did I leave a major job that everyone said I was crazy for leaving but I decided not to look for work. I decided that for once in my life, I was going to Trust the Universe without fear, that the universe would provide for me. And it did. I was out of work most of the year, I lived off my savings, worked one shift a week at my part-time job, and I took a course that was $2500, (a lot of money when you don’t have a job!), and other money appeared. And when I thought that I would need to work soon because I was going to need money for rent, my old boss called me and said, “Hey, you want to come back for a 1 year contract?” I was working a week later. That information is so important for me to know. To help me to relax, because I forgot about that time in the new cycle of personal years running from personal year 1 to this year, my personal year 9.

Teaching in my 9 year what I learned in my previous 9 years:

Also I’ve been telling friends this. Artists who have spoken to me about their sadness for a good thing ending (a great show with great cast and relationships or a full-time music playing gig coming to an end) I’ve told them, ‘You created this good so create more of it.”

A friend who has been looking for an apartment and was in the stressful zone, I said, “write down the qualities of what you want  in your  new apartment and let the Universe take care of it.” Last report, she told me that her current landlord has given her more time to look for a new place and the places she has been looking at have been more within her interest and what she can afford.

Another friend I was telling about paying off my credit card and how I wrote down as a goal that I would pay it off by June 2012. That I had no way of knowing how it would be paid but just to trust that the Universe would help me, guide me to getting it paid. And it was paid before June 2012.

In 2003, I started that cycle of trust but somewhere along the line I lost my way. That’s why I have a document that I call my Manual of Me where I keep track of stuff. It’s so easy to get off track, to get distracted.

Trust in The Universe
In this personal 9 year, I want to go back to living in that Trust that continues on in each new personal year and not just in Personal 9 years. That is my new goal, I know it works.


My Personal 8 Year

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I went through 4 years of complete hell. The more time spent in hell the more I turned to Christine DeLorey’s  wisdom. Creative Numerology . Finally at the end of my personal 7 year in 2010 which brought me to my knees, I decided to purchase Christine’s personal year book for my personal 8 year which would be in 2011. Mostly because my personal 8 year was going to move me in a positive direction. One of the things Christine had mentioned to me personally in our Facebook communications was that if I faced down the demons of my 7 year, my personal 8 year would clear out most of the junk and dirt. I had to be brave. The personal 8 year would be more of a solitary year but with a difference.

In 2011, my personal 8 year, I found that it took me a few months, probably three, to shake off the stench of the previous year and the fear of the previous four years. It was interesting, I entered 2011 with the attitude of, “If I have to fight for my rights, my voice, my value, I will burn everything down in my path.”  but I also had the trepidation that “more of the same” might be my destiny. You know how when you first get off a motorcycle your legs are still vibrating? Well my everything was still vibrating. I was focused on climbing out of the shit pile but that shit smell was still following me a little.

I’m big on themes and titles and at some point I called 2011 “Solitary with a Purpose.” By the end of 2010 (my 7 year) I declared that the push and pull and abuse of the year was all orchestrated to make me say it… I wasn’t going to be a door mat for anyone anymore. I would try to be nice about it first but since the previous hell years proved time and again that that not every one could hear nice, I’d have to make the decision to speak up for myself in all incidences. ‘It doesn’t matter, things will happen the way they happen, speak up for yourself!’ I promised myself that I would yell it until they heard me. And if certain people still couldn’t hear that, then they had to go. No looking back. I’m done with you, cross the street if you see me. ha-ha!

At some point within 2011, I realized that the Solitary with a purpose theme was to enable me to hear my  voice and dream my answers. I’m not big on unsolicited advice because it blocks out my voice and when my voice is blocked I don’t remember the dreams I have at night that actually provide me with the answers that I need.

I started keeping notes of any event that felt pertinent. And now as i look back they will provide me with info for years to come.

In January, I made a decision about a person I had an acrimonious relationship with that not only would I get my act together (Make a plan) but I would move on when I said so (my decision, not his). I wasn’t going to simply run away.

In February, I was ‘walking in anger’ as I called it in my notes. I was confrontational and I was calling it as I saw it. Yes a few people were left in tears, it was a process that was needed. The pendulum swings to extremes before it comes to the middle.

In April, during the Easter Long weekend, I had what I call a Spiritual Awakening that included a complete emotional breakdown/ release. I love the timing of life sometimes. Right on time! The Thursday before Good Friday I watched You Tube videos of elephants specifically a series on Shirley and Jenny. (We can watch TV and be on the computer at my part-time job.) By the time my co-worker came to give me my break, I was brimming with emotion. I tried to tell her about those videos and all that they were teaching me but instead I went into these uncontrollable sobs. The best part of it all was I kept trying to stop the sobbing and I kept trying to talk.

What a scary mess of an ugly crying emotional tornado. The poor kid, she was 19 years old, so adorable and innocent looking AND her name means innocent! She’s watching me meltdown like the wicked witch of the west being doused with water. I kept begging myself to walk away and stop talking so I could get my composure but I had no control over any of it. I couldn’t stop sobbing, I couldn’t stop talking, I couldn’t stop any of it. I finally went to the washroom to clean up the evidence of the ugly crazy cry and then I went outside. I went around the corner so if anyone else who came out on their break they wouldn’t see me or talk to me because I knew that I would lose it again.

I’m standing outside and I look up at the sky and there are these clouds. The shape of the clouds? Six elephant heads looking down at  me like a cameo you wear on a necklace. Mother elephants. I started to cry softly and said to the Universe, to God, to All That Is, ‘tell me what you want me to do. I’ll do whatever you tell me.’
I felt the message, “Forgive and move into your light.”
You know that voice inside that whispers only once? It was that voice.
I nodded my head.

Apologizing to my innocent co-worker yet again when I went back, she told me a story of her own crazy cry that she had in front of all of her co-workers and a customer. I held my hand up to my mouth, my eyes wide and whispered “No!”
She says, “yeah, we’re women, we cry!” Wise words from the innocent!

As you may have guessed there were elephants in my dreams that night and when I woke the next morning, my morning pages were filled with what it meant to me to step back into my light. And how I need to forgive myself as much as the other people and situations that I need to forgive. I finished the morning pages in time to watch the only morning show that I watched then, Unscripted. It’s an interview show that only shows the person answering the questions. The person on Good Friday was actress, Dee Wallace of Steven Spielberg’s ET movie fame. Unscripted Dee Wallace

So here I am listening to Dee Wallace reiterating what I just  wrote in my morning pages and she gives me a better affirmation, “I want to Feel good,” which became my guiding light from there on. Instead of speaking up in anger to people, I was telling them, “You’re a worth while human being and you deserve honesty. I want to feel good so I cannot have you in my life anymore. “ Imaginez – Vous? As my mother used to say.

I could have used all of the accusations and said screw off but instead I truly felt the gift in forgiving the past and moving on in a way that we could both feel good about. I want to feel good so I won’t be mean to you. And I want to feel good so I’m cutting you free from my life and me free from yours.

Elephants! I could re-hash all the reasons why I’m moving on, but it doesn’t matter, what will make me feel good is moving forward. I wish you the best and I hope that you too can find what makes you feel good.  I also bought Dee Wallace’s book Bright Light, simply because I couldn’t’ get my hands on Conscious Creation. Having since read both books, I actually prefer Bright Light.

In July I had the only major angry out burst of the year. In my notes, I call it an Emotional Detox. It was with the person I’d had the acrimonious relationship with for the past few years. In retrospect, I think he needed to see me reach my limit.

Four days later, when we had an opportunity to talk with calmer heads (my calmer head, he never lost it), we had a heart to heart that transformed our relationship. We had a heart to heart where I fully understood what he was going through and my compassion was ignited. We had a heart to heart and everything that went before was forgiven and absolved.

In my personal 8 year, I learned that miracles happen. That I don’t always have to walk away which has been my M.O. throughout my life. That I can feel good and let go of people who I’ve outgrown. And when I’ve tried every angle, I can lose my cool and transform everything.


The Women I Follow

Your Personal Year

I’ve been chatting with friends lately about knowing your personal year and getting in depth with looking at your patterns in life.  I’m completely fascinated with cycles and patterns in life.

I’ve always called my bouts with depression cycles of downtime that are healthy when they are simply a month and problematic when they last over a year. Knowing my personal year and then ultimately looking over years of personal years has helped me to see patterns, cycles and themes in my life.

I’ve been following Christine Delorey’s work since at least 2006. On her websites she provides so much free information like your personal year forecast, plus monthly and weekly ones as well. Check her out, read her work and once you see how accurate her work is, buy her work.  That’s how I end up supporting people, by the way. It’s through a person’s free work that ultimately enables me to trust and then happily pay for all that they’ve given. I trust Christine, she has helped me to discover so much.

Truly if you want to gain powerful insights into yourself and your life, run over to her website and find out what your numbers are.

I follow other women: Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone and Guru Rattana’s New Millennium Being. Susan Miller’s monthly forecast is best for me to know specific transits, like the new moon, full moon etc. Guru Rattana helped me to look at the signs we are in, we’re currently in Gemini, and create a focus pertaining to that signs qualities. Plus she got me interested in Kundalini Yoga as a practice that fits more with my personality.

I’ve always believed that yoga had a spiritual focus which included meditation, and chanting as well as the physical aspect. Kundalini Yoga fits with my belief.

Like my relationships, I don’t jump into anything quickly. I’ve read all of the women for years before I purchased their product and when I did, I felt I had no choice because I believed in their work. I purchased Christine’s book Life Cycles several years ago and I continue to purchase it as gifts or at the least recommend it as a “must buy.”

Christine DeLorey’s – Creative Numerology WordPress
Christine DeLorey’s – Creative Numerology.com
Susan Miller’s – Astrology Zone
Guru Rattana’s – New Millennium


Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Drunk on writing – Ray Bradbury

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Ray Bradbury passed away today at 91 years old. He has always provided me with the best writing inspiration. His ideas have always felt like that element of play or better yet, that child who never grows up and continues to access that part of the mind that is spontaneous, and fun and ready to explore. Here are some quotes of his that have inspired me over the years:

“I don’t think I know what writers block is. I never had it. My typewriter goes everywhere I go. I get up at 3am everyday, head for the keyboard, laugh a lot, then go to bed. It takes him 2 hours to write a poem, half a day to finish a short story, 9 days for a full – scale novel.
His secret?
Let your subconscious take over, keep your intellect out of the  way. Be passionate about what you’re doing. When you start a love affair, the last thing you want to be is critical right? Don’t look back just write. Go and write.
EY notes – Too funny, lately in my journal,  I’ve been writing about love affairs and infatuation related to writing. You know the beginning butterflies of a new relationship and how you can survive on hardly any sleep? I’ve been trying to translate that into my writing practice. Make it like a new relationship where I’m optimistic about the new person, where everything looks great in the world, every song seems like a love song.

More Ray Bradbury:

All that stuff that’s collected up in my head — poetry and mythology and comic strips and science fiction magazines — comes out in my stories. So you get to a certain age and you’re like a pomegranate, you just burst. And the ideas spill out.

My stories run up and bite me in the leg — I respond by writing down everything that goes on during the bite. When I finish, the idea lets go and runs off.

And what, you ask, does writing teach us?

First and foremost, it reminds us that we are alive and that it is gift and a privilege, not a right. We must earn life once it has been awarded us. Life asks for rewards back because it has favored us with animation.
So while our art cannot, as we wish it could, save us from wars, privation, envy, greed, old age, or death, it can revitalize us amidst it all. (From the preface to Zen in the Art of Writing)

If you can’t read and write you can’t think. Your thoughts are dispersed if you don’t know how to read and write. You’ve got to be able to look at your thoughts on paper and discover what a fool you were. (Salon.com, August 29, 2001)
On Ideas –  “They come from inside, for their own reasons. I wake up every morning and there’s a new one there and it says, ‘I’m next! Write me!’ So I write it. I never know what I’m going to write from day to day.”

“Write about what interests you. Write and read every day. Keep the juices flowing. If you write what you love, you never have a dry spell.”

“The people who have mental blocks are the people who do things they shouldn’t be doing. The people who take screenplays they shouldn’t write or books they shouldn’t write – they’re going to wind up with dry spells, because their subconscious says, ‘I’m going to cut off the water works!”

“There’s an Egyptian myth I heard about years ago that when you die as an Egyptian and you go off to visit the gods the first question asked of you at the gates of heaven is ‘Did you have enthusiasm?’ And if you answer negatively you don’t get in.

Optimal behavior – I ask of you and others optimal behavior, and if you behave every day, and get your work done, and do it with love, at the end of a day, a week, a month, a year, whatever, you have a feeling of optimism — because you have done your work. If you don’t do your work , you get depressed and you’re pessimistic. There are the two opposites right there.

“I have an ant farm in my head. Metaphors and ideas crawling all over each other.”
When a book really needs to be written. It’s urgent, like literary appendicitis. In writing, you operate on yourself and save yourself.

“I’m not in charge. My subconscious does all the work. When it’s ready to do something it does it. I don’t think about these things — they just happen automatically. Time passes, sometimes you finish things quicker — in a week or a month, sometimes it’s two or three years.”
There’s a time between waking up and being fully awake when your mind is relaxed and things come to you and you are surprised by them and you jump out of bed and run and write them down.

I’m very unusual in that I write a series of short stories, and then very late on in time, discover I’ve written a book.

I think we’re all born to become ourselves and our job in life is to find out just who in hell we are, because we don’t always know that immediately. Over a period of time you experiment and try and find out where your true self lies.

Ray Bradbury

Over the past five decades, Bradbury has managed to create a tremendous amount of work in several genres, including short stories, plays, novels, film scripts, poems, children’s books, and nonfiction. He attributes this prolific production to a consistent daily writing routine. He also utilizes a spontaneous writing technique similar to the automatic writing of the surrealists.

If you stuff yourself full of poems, essays, plays, stories, novels, films, comic strips, magazines, music, you automatically explode every morning like Old Faithful. I have never had a dry spell in my life, mainly because I feed myself well, to the point of bursting. I wake early and hear my morning voices leaping around in my head like jumping beans. I get out of bed quickly, to trap them before they escape.”—Ray Bradbury

The Ray Bradbury Routine – 1000 words a day – “Everyday for 2 hours, I begin a new short story, sometimes finishing  it, or write an essay or poem. This routine has continued for sixty five years.”
1 – Write Daily – if you don’t write daily, what would happen is that the world would catch up with  and try to sicken you. If you did not write everyday, the poisons would accumulate and you would begin to die, or act crazy, or both.
2 – Gently lie and prove the lie true …everything is finally a promise… what seems a lie is a ramshackle need, wishing to be born…
3 – Formula – Find a character, like yourself, who will want something or not want something, with all her heart. Give her running orders. Shoot her off. Then follow as fast as you can go. The character, in her great love, or hate, will rush you through to the end of the story.”
4 – Write quick. In quickness is truth. The faster you blurt, the more swiftly you write, the more honest you are. In hesitation is thought. In delay comes the effort for a style, instead of leaping upon truth which is the only style worth dead falling or tiger-trapping
5 – Write at least thousand words a day everyday; discover the treats and tricks that come with word association; put down brief notes and descriptions of loves and hates.

6 – make lists of titles, put down long lists of nouns. Run through those lists, pick a noun and then sit down to write a long prose poem-essay-story on it.

You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you. ~Ray Bradbury
EY Notes – That is my favourite quote. I remember when I used to work  at a Department Store back in the day. Any one who works in customer service knows that working with the general public can be trying. People can be rude, demanding, exhausting. It can be easy to start your day in a great mood and have someone wipe it right out. I learned how to stay away from giving up my energy or my good moods by keeping my focus on what I was going to write when I got home from work. A customer could be rude and I could just let it slide off my shoulders without a care because I would always bring my focus back to my writing. Even with friends then, I never got involved with the jealousies. If I was left out of an invitation I shrugged my shoulders and kept my focus on my writing. That to me is being drunk on writing. I used to have a saying then that I kept in mind, “If I notice what everybody else is doing, I’ve taken my eyes off the goal.” If there was ever a great goal for me to have again, it’s to go back to being drunk on writing. 😉


Monday, 28 May 2012

Anthony Robbins – Writing Improvement Program

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1-    Write down what your current writing situation is. Write the truth

2-    What are the rituals that have put you here?

3-    What do you want? What is your vision?

4-    What are the rituals that will get you there?

Choose the pain of discipline or the pain of regret

Monday, 14 July 2008

I have moved!

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Visit me at Writing by Kaizen

Saturday, 8 March 2008


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Saturday 8March08 12:26pm

Some of the pieces I have added to my daily practice include which began on my writing retreat:

Rumi Wakeup – I got this from Wayne Dyer’s book Inspiration, Your Ultimate Calling (one of my favorite books). He discusses that time in the early morning when you wake up (between 3am and 4am) and you don’t have to get up. The thing is to actually get up. It’s based on a Rumi poem that says something along the lines of, “The morning breeze has something to tell you, don’t go back to sleep.” I’m not always religious about it because I love sleeping but eventually I will be. I love the 4am hour for its peacefulness. I do stream of consciousness writing and record my dreams from the night before.

I do the Adi Mantra from Kundalini Yoga – Ong Na Mo Guru Dev Namo. Which means I bow to the Creator, to the Divine teacher within. From that I move into my stretches and a Kundalini Yoga set and another chant. I’m slowly starting to add 15 minutes of silence, that I want to do twice a day before I write. It’s kind of hard to sit silent for 15 minutes straight but I’ll get it. As Quincy Jones would say, “It’s ragged but I’ll get it.”

I’ve been doing a couple of writing exercises to get the words flowing. One is from 30 Ways to Help You Write by Fran Weber Shaw, which I used to do years and years ago. You write “Now I’m Sitting Here and…” at the top of the page, then relax all the muscles in your body and listen to the sounds. Then you write nonstop for two or three pages and stop. That was how I used to do all of my writing, so needless to say, I’m getting back to beginner’s mind as Natalie Goldberg so aptly calls it.

And another exercise that I got from a writing newsletter where you write down three random words like ‘pimps, women, black music’ and with those words write a scene for my novel. You basically come up with three words for 15 scenes of your novel and write each scene starting the first sentence with one of those words and including the other two words in the first paragraph. I guess it gets your mind away from thinking about how to start. It’s crazy but it works.

I also write a series of affirmations in my steno from an article I read on manifestation in Mind Power News, an email newsletter that I receive. I’ll look for the article and post it. Basically it’s 4 affirmations: 1- What I am doing now (some goal that I want to realize) 2- How I support myself in realizing that goal 3- The good feelings I have for realizing that goal and 4- A Thank You to the Universe or God.

And overall, I’m enjoying the abundance I already have in my life. I have books galore and enough inspirational CD’s and meditation tapes and CD’s to cure all of Toronto. Ha Ha! So I’m making it a point to listen to and enjoy what I have. I belong to the Spiritual Cinema so I have all these great movies and short films. I’m building a DVD collection because my breakfast buddy buys me DVD’s for birthdays and Christmas. And Music? Well anyone who knows me knows I have an insane amount of music, what with working at Sam’s years ago and having that itunes addiction and importing anyone’s music collection that I can. And I also belong to Simply Audio so I have a decent amount of audio books. If I didn’t leave my house for a year I still wouldn’t make it through all the stuff I have. And with my comfy bed? Praise God I am blessed!

I’ll see if I can find the manifestation article…


Building Momentum

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8March08 Saturday 11:46am
It’s another snowy day in Toronto. I can’t believe how much snow we’ve had this year. Most people are complaining but I don’t really have much to complain about. I really do enjoy when we have distinct seasons. It always bodes well for the Summer. You have to live through the dark in order to enjoy the light, or something like that.

I am finally feeling like I’m living in more light and less dark, which is always a good thing. And the best part is that I’m feeling grateful for the light. So snow schmoe, no worries!

I made it past another birthday. I wasn’t sure how that was going to pan out since the money is still funny from the big pain of 2007. I had no ideas what to do for my birthday and I was contemplating letting it pass by unmentioned. My friend frogs legs had the brilliant idea to go to Southern Accent for eats and a psychic reading on Feb 29th, the day before my birthday (otherwise known as my alternate birthday). It was six women and a very cute, flirty server and lots of laughs. My girlfriend Jojo provided most of the entertainment regaling us with her stories. It was great being in the company of all strong minded women. And the psychic reading was stellar! That never hurts. Plus what she said fell in line with my goals for my personal 2008, which began on March 1st. The night was ended with a few hours of Karoake, the Carpenters (Thanks frogs legs), much laughter and a promise to do that shit again!

On the Wednesday before my birthday, I had the brainwave to extend my weekend and turn it into a writing retreat in my apartment. That I could afford. I used to do them periodically but with the big pain of 2007 and all the other dramas it sort of fell by the way side and then some. All of a sudden I was super excited about my birthday. I worked on my itinerary (writing, meditations, juices and healthy foods, inspirational CD’s, and mild workouts like stretching and Kundalini Yoga). It was a fantastic weekend which helped me to ground myself, get back in touch with my novel in progress and make a commitment to the practice of Kundalini Yoga. After several years of following/reading Guru Rattana’s New Millenium Being and doing some of the chants she recommends in it and really feeling the benefits of it, I found that it was time to make it my daily practice.

My three day weekend was a perfect way to build momentum for my goals and get away from the chatter. I didn’t watch television, no telephone and no internet (although I did go on Facebook a couple times to check out the birthday wishes, but it was mere moments.) On the Monday, I went to the book store and bought Kundalini Yoga, The Flow Of Eternal Power by Shakti Parwha Kaur Khalsa as taught by Yogi Bhajan. And I went on to itunes to buy various versions of the mantras that I wanted to practice. I burned a couple CD’s of the mantras. I’ve been sleeping during the week with the main CD on and find that I have calmer, more peaceful sleeps and I feel more able to deal with the frustrations that come up at work and in life. So it’s all good.

My next thing to save up for is the offerings at Guru Rattana’s website http://www.yogatech.com. She has packages with DVD’s and books that I would sure love to order. I’ve been finding that the exercises (sets) that I’ve been doing each day have been relieving my arthritic feet which is a huge bonus. And my writing focus has been great.

Life is always going to have it’s elements of frustrations, I figure, but it’s sure nice to have a practice that helps me to cope without sabotaging relationships or being a total shut in.


Monday, 24 September 2007

Missing in InAction

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Monday 24Sept07 5:42pm

Just a quick note to say that I’ve been in pain for close to two months now! I’ve got carpal tunnel (shouldn’t be typing); tennis elbow (never played tennis a day in my life); arthritis in my shoulder; and degenerative disc disease in my neck.
I’m in excruciating pain most of the time, wearing a wrist brace, icing myself like nobody’s business and can’t do too much for too long especially since I’ve been going to work every single day.

When something happens I’ll be back.
In the meantime, I’m not responding to many emails, can barely write and am not blogging until further notice…


Monday, 13 August 2007

Silence and Waiting

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Monday 13Aug07 7:54pm

It’s hard sometimes to sit through the silence. That period when the writing isn’t coming the way it should be and you need to take a break from it. How do you differentiate between laziness and lack of motivation and the writers silence of stuff percolating inside before it explodes out onto the page?

I’ve been writing. I write pretty much everyday. But I’ve felt stopped with my novel. I haven’t been able to tell if it was just me feeling lazy or if I actually needed to let things sit in my mind before it all came out the way it was supposed to.

A few days ago I wrote on my other blogs about the feeling that I needed to hibernate and how it’s hit me so early in the year. It usually falls in line with the cold weather. I wrote about how definite ideas are coming clear to me. Like I have to give up watching television and I need to give myself permission to be less sociable without guilt. I said that I felt that I’m at the edge, where I have to ask myself what am I willing to give up in order to realize my dreams.

I promised myself that I would sit down for the new moon (yesterday) and write up the next set of things that I needed to focus on, write up the distractions I needed to sweep out of my life. I needed to make changes once again. That cycle always comes up, the need to make changes.

I set up the piles of books around my apartment that I want to have close by because I knew that when the time came, I’d be grabbing at them. I got home from work today and didn’t turn on the television and I didn’t get distracted with all the little things that normally bog me down. I sat at my desk and I wrote with the goal to just cleanse my mind and from there wrote a memory for one of my novel characters and didn’t stop until I easily hit my 1000 words. I wrote up the continuing line that will run through all three novels. Two months ago, I wrote the questions that the two main characters will attempt to answer throughout the novels. Between that and tonight’s writings, I feel ready to go back over the chapters and rewrite them and shape them with the questions in mind and the continuing line running through them.

And when I was done my thousand words, I pulled out more paper to have my writing conversation with my alter ego, Warrior Woman. She reminded me that when I take the pressure off and make my writing more about play and writing for the sake of writing, I relax enough to get at what it is I want to say. “When you play and make it fun and keep going forward you see how quickly you can fill up the pages with words. How quickly the ideas come together, how time has no meaning.”

She repeated what I’ve been saying to myself lately, “change your thoughts, change your mind.” Which is the title of Wayne Dyer’s latest book, a book I want to get, and something he’s been saying for at least his last couple books.

And she reminded me that every day is a step forward.

I picked up The Power of Intention off one of my piles of books to start over again and in the preface came across this perfectly appropriate quote:
“Anything we can conceive of in our minds — while staying in harmony with the universal all-creating source — can and must come to pass.”


Saturday, 28 July 2007


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I think I missed 6:30pm. Oh well, I’m here now. Floors mopped, well, most of em. Bitter cats who hate the whole floor mopping thing.

We’re in Leo now. And we’ve got a full moon tomorrow.
Since Leo is all about attention. The King of the jungle and all. So a certain amount of needing to be catered to. That’s often when a leo will get on my nerves, when he/she needs to be catered to. That stuff is tiresome.

But in Leo our focus is to come from the heart. Do what comes from the heart. That’s never a bad idea.



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I forgot that Zelda thinks that cherries are little balls for her to throw around. I left a bowl of cherries on my desk while I went to get my brownies. Found an abandoned cherry on the floor. Brat!

Haven’t moved much since I ate. Might want to mop the floors. Got all my writing on my desk so I’ll be getting to that eventually.

I’ve got everyone craving and subsequently baking brownies over at the Shattered Prayer. Cracks me up to no end. Of course it all started because Richard the Previous and Mojo were having pizza and chicken wings and I was jealous.

Okay I’m going to start with mopping the floors because they can use it and from there rotate between writing a bit and working out a bit. My story and I’m sticking to it.

Now if I could only get rid of this stomach thing that is keeping me slowed down.

I promise eventually I’ll write something with substance. I hope


5:30pm- I’m back!

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Okay got turtle brownies, six of em. but no tortellini. Settled for a tandoori chicken leg and a jerk chicken leg instead.

It’s too beautiful outside and not too busy downtown. Maybe every one trekked up to the Beaches for the music festival. Thought occurred to me to go but then always the chance of running into ex boyfriend who was full of googly eyes when I saw him during Mercury Retrograde. Not really in the mood for that.

Why is it that you could live somewhere and never run into people you want to run into but the one person you don’t… that’s the one you see? Maybe the trick is to not want to run into people in order to run into them. Think about that for a while. ha ha.

While I’m at it I think I don’t want to find a bag full of money and I certainly don’t want to meet a dateable guy. ha ha! Hmm.

Andy Garcia is looking too beautiful in Godfather 3. The only reason to watch the movie, even though he is a hot head like Santino.


2:30pm ish

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Of course it’s a beautiful sunny and hot day today. I know I complained about the blogathon last year being on such a spectacular day. That’s why I can’t commit to it. The thought of being held hostage inside when it’s so beautiful out is too much to bear. And yet I manage to move exceptionally slow each year on the blogathon Saturday. Funny how that happens.

I’ve got the dress on and am just about ready to walk out the door on the little Daniel and Daniel expedition for turtle brownies. Although my stomach is a mess, I figure I can slap them in the freezer for later better stomach days. Of course you know that I will still have at least one. The only thing is if they have tortellini then I’m in trouble. I love their Tortellini.

I must consider doing a faux blogathon on a cold winter day. I still think that blogging a novel would be fun. Somebody should get on that. ha ha

Okay, the godfather 2 is almost over. Kay has left Michael. Fredo is crying at mom’s coffin. Connie wants to stay close to home now. Soon Fredo will die. Soon part two will be over. Then I will walk to Daniel et Daniel for the goodies. Yeah that’s it.

In the meantime, I’ll get my writing organized on my desk to do some work when I get back. I’d like to be around some people but I love being home too.

If only SW could stay and do the writing while EY goes to get the goodies.



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I was checking facebook and commenting on Shattered Prayer and stuff that my half hour is almost done.

Next is to pull out the writing and get started on that and look at some writing articles and see what I can share here for my faux blogathon. Considering walking to Daniel and Daniel for some turtle brownies. Boy if I only knew how to make those. Then I could save myself the trip. Of course I’d have to motivate myself to make them.

I was telling someone about Growler’s peanut butter pie. I will have to pull out that recipe and make it again. It would be nice to bring it as a gift for his upcoming play. But who am I kidding? It won’t happen.

If I do walk to Daniel and Daniel, I will miss a few entries. Mind you that would count as part of the working out I’m supposed to be doing today. Lord help me and my lazy bones.

SW (EY is sleeping, haha!)


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That half hour flies by especially when you’re moving slow.
I’ve got the Godfather 2 on on AMC Tv. I’m a sucker for the Godfather. A young Al Pacino, a young Robert De Niro. How could you possibly choose between the two? And you don’t, they are both there. It’s too bad the 3rd installment sucks the big one but at least Andy Garcia is there for eye candy.

My type, all three men, dark hair/dark eyes. That’s what always sends my heart a flutter!

Enjoying my smoothie. Cleaned some cherries and cut up a cantaloupe. If don’t finish my cantaloupe, the rest of it will go into tomorrow’s smoothie. That’s how it goes.

The four cats have all found spots in the apartment to relax in. All are visible except Zoe who is still in the kitchen cupboard but she shows her face everytime I go into the kitchen. I’ve got all my hand washing clothing soaking. So things do get done in this place but verry very slowly. Plus I’m having some typing issues. Can’t seem to hit the right keys. Hence the double r in very. sigh


1pm – faux blogathon

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Just like last year’s faux blogathon, I’m moving slow again.
I managed to make my smoothie. I have added a nice little twist to my smoothies that amp up the vitamins and amp up the taste too.

I’ve been finding that the only carrots that I can eat are mini carrots. The regular carrots always seem to be lacking something. I know that Carrots are filled with all sorts of good stuff so I had been juicing them with my beet juice but was finding that there’s too much stuff at the bottom of the juice. Like sediment, I guess. Grosses me right out. I don’t like juice with pulp and any sediment like stuff just makes me gag.

For whatever reason, I can tolerate more stuff in a smoothie because it’s generally thicker and you don’t really notice pulp or sediment or whatever. I know, I know, I’m just strange. But I’m okay with that. So anyhow, here is my latest smoothie recipe that I’ve been making and loving. I use both a blender and a juice extractor for this one:

In Blender, combine:
thick wedge pineapple
handful or more frozen mixed berries
handful or more frozen cranberries
frozen peaches/kiwis etc
tablespoon whole flax seeds
fill with pomegranate juice (store bought)

Blend til it’s a smoothie (ha ha!)

In Juice Extractor, Juice:
3-4 oranges
2-3 carrots
2-3 apples

mix the orange/ carrot/ apple juice with the smoothie in the blender.
And drink until your hearts content or til it’s all gone.


12:30 pm

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Didn’t hear my timer go off. I’ll probably have to carry it around with me. Still haven’t worked out yet and I’m just getting ready to make a fruit smoothie and cut up a fresh cantaloupe to get my system running and keep it cool.

I couldn’t be bothered being the hard ass girl and turned on my AC. Probably why I couldn’t hear my timer.

Any how, my thoughts are filled with catching up with my high school best friend last night after 25 years. The big thing was my letters that I wrote to her and she has kept all these years. Listening to my voice then, what I was thinking about, I could almost have an out of body experience back to my teenage home and all the turmoil. I was surprised that I’d divulged as much as I did about my feelings. It seems in September of 1978 I wrote her a letter every single day. Too funny. I said, “Holy crap, it must have been a bad month for me.”

What a gift it is to almost see the person I was. That’s why people should keep journals for their whole life. Connection to the self. It’s mind blowing. It may be time to pull out my trunk of journals that I’ve kept over the years of living in Toronto. And read my mother’s journals.

The ironic part of all this, is that my character Kali will be keeping a journal through out all the novels of White Wishes. I didn’t even realize how fascinated I am with journals until I spoke to my high school best friend last night. Nor did I even see a connection to myself. Freaky!


12 Noon

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I almost forgot about setting a timer. It’s been a year since my last faux blogathon. Plus I’m not totally sure how long I will do this. But I do remember how it gets the brain clicking. What am I going to write about next? The question that flits through the mind while I do other stuff, like put away my laundry and the like.

Fed the cats. Zoe has found a new place to relax where she can see the action unobserved. She’s been hanging out in the cupboard under the kitchen counter. I left that empty ages ago when I kept finding a different cat having a nap in there. Actually I store my Portable AC hose in there when it’s not summer.

What I’d like to do today, aside from offering Che moral blogging support is to work out, work on my novels and eat. Maybe in a bit of a rotation.

It’s the Beaches Jazz festival today, which is a bit of a joke because it’s never jazz, I think. But I don’t know if I’ll make it out there. I would normally rollerblade but I feel like poop. Sometimes the best medicine is just staying home, although I wouldn’t mind being around people today. And I have to say that is a first, saying that I’d like to be around people. Usually I want to get as far away from people as possible.

So I guess things are looking up.


Blogathon time of the year

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Well it’s the blogathon again. Last year I stayed up and kept my friend Che of the shattered prayer company while she blogged. Plus I did my faux blogathon. Not sure how much I’ll manage today as I’m not feeling well. But I’m here. Any extra posts will probably be at my Writing Zazen blog

And if any one comes by, go check out Che at the Shattered prayer and give her a shout out and better yet, donate some money.


Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Jane Fonda

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Note: previous entries mentioned in this entry are on my writing2live blog.

Wednesday 5:34pm

Have I said this about a hundred times? I’m slowly going through my tapes and when I get to Inside the Actor’s Studio there is always someone who I think, ‘I don’t have to watch this one. How interesting will so and so be?’ Then I catch the beginning and am engrossed in the whole interview.

Of course that just happened with Jane Fonda. But even better, I watched it this morning and it was so good I rewound the tape to watch it again this afternoon and write notes.

You know so many questions are popping up and out of me lately. Between the Pisces kiss and the subsequent revelations and what made me so mad about it all. I can recall hearing someone saying something along the lines regarding depression that she wanted to make her life less about not being depressed and more about living an intentional life. I can’t remember who said it and I never wrote it down because some things that are said just resonate so wholly within my being that I know I don’t need to write them down. It’s like it inhabits my subconscious in a magnetic sort of way and the right ideas start to stick to me. That’s where my idea for embracing my singleness came from.

I don’t know if I’ve expressed embracing my singleness well enough. It’s not that I don’t want to be with anyone or that I’ve been overly unhappy alone. I basically said to myself, “what if this is the last time, for the rest of my life, that I will be fully alone? How can I make good use of this time and be able to look back with fondness?”

When I was in constant survival mode and I was between jobs I was always so stressed about finding another job that I never enjoyed the time off work. Then when all worked out and I got a new job I’d always wished that I just relaxed enough to enjoy the time. That’s what I’m trying to do now with being single and not having a group of friends to hang out with. Enjoy this time. Discover the things that I really like to do whether I have company or not. Live and enjoy my life despite not having a closet full of money.

Smoking to some extent falls in line with that. There’s something that I feel is missing that smoking fills. It’s something to focus on to take me away from discovering what that void is that needs to be filled. Jane Fonda talks about addiction and the space that is left when you give up an addiction(s).

My early notes from the first viewing were about her discussing, ‘entering my truth’. I had to ask, “what is my truth?” A big question that may take me years to discover a full answer to. Maybe starting off with What do I really feel?

Yesterday morning I caught some police drama on A&E and Anthony LaPaglia’s brother is in it and he’s trying to get his woman to come in but she won’t. I asked out loud, “Why did she bother going there then?” and I felt this ache. I had to ask, What is my ache regarding love? I have one, obviously, but how do I get to the meat of it and past the stories of, “I saw the kind of men my mother was with and what men can do to women” I guess the question is, ‘How do I live MY life now with all the love I have to give and actually give it?’

My madness toward the man and his kiss is that I am coming to realize that I feel good enough about myself that I know that what he is offering is bullshit and that he would think it’s okay to only offer me scraps that you give a dog. And because I can see different points of view, I’m even madder about the fact that he is with a woman who may or may not know that he is giving HER dog scraps. There’s nothing wrong with being a dog but be a single dog and give women the opportunity to say yes or no.

Jane Fonda talked about her first marriage to a man who regularly brought other women into their bed with them. I wrote quickly, “not feeling good enough about yourself enought that you would allow a man to bring another woman into bed with the two of you. Feeling that the only way she could keep this man was to accept that she wasn’t enough for him.”

It’s funny, it always brings me back to what I’ve always said since I was a kid watching my mother, “I’d rather be alone than suffer through that shit for the sake of having a man.”
Jane also said, “It’s in relationships where a loss of voice manifests.”

Ahh! A loss of voice. I write to give myself voice, even if it’s only my eyes that see the words…for now anyway. I leave men when I feel that I can’t express my true voice, what I need, what I want, what I feel is missing. I’ve always wanted to have a relationship, it just so happens, that I’ve needed to be able to hear my voice more than be in a relationship.

With all my insecurities and feelings that I am so fucked up (I’m not denying that I’m not fucked up) I am discovering that I am more than enough. I do not need to be with someone who convinces me that I’m not enough for his own gains. And isn’t there a piece of fiction following a man and a woman through that all? Where the man really sees what he has done to his woman because he could, because she let him, because she didn’t think she was enough to keep him.

It takes me back to that question I blogged several weeks ago, “Can I trust you with my heart?” It’s not that I can’t commit. I can’t commit to feeling not good enough and so I don’t.

More quotes from Jane Fonda’s interview, whose book I want to read, by the way:

“He would bring other women into our bed and it never occurred to me that I could say no. I assumed that it was that I wasn’t enough and I didn’t want him to leave me and being with him is what validated me. ”

“I’ve come from a place where I would silence my voice, shut down my heart, betray my body because if he left me I would be nothing and fall down into a dark hole.”

“I couldn’t say to my husband. ‘I don’t want to anymore.’ I couldn’t say who I really was because I was scared of being alone.”

“the need to please, the disease to please, the need to be perfect, is so pervasive in our society for women… usher perfection out the door and strive for completion.”

“I don’t want to die without giving voice to my wholeness with the man I love.”

“What is more important to me is my authenticity. Being intentional about how I live.”

“I don’t want to have regrets at the end of my life. What will I have to do now so that I won’t have regrets and then it’s about being intentional about how you live, the way you live. It’s painful but it’s the right thing to do.”

She was amazing and can I just say that when ever the camera panned the audience the women were wiping away tears.

And she said it, she is a privileged white woman and she still felt that she wasn’t good enough. That’s pretty powerful when you really think about that.


Monday, 25 June 2007


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Monday 25June07

I was going to go to the park and do some picnic writing again but somehow got all caught up with working on a new budget. Writing is going well. I’ve been pretty focused on my novels. I’ve found that since I’m reading through my major novel that I’ve been working on for ten years that I still need to write. So I’ve been doing some freeflow writing for two of my other novel ideas. Neither novel has taken on a bigger life of it’s own than the other or both novels have me equally as excited. So I work on both until…

I want to organize my time a little better to get more blog entries going and I’ll work that out step by step. I act like I don’t work full time nor have a social life and I wonder why I can’t do everything. But I’m here and I love writing and I notice that things get to me a lot less when I’m focused on the worlds of my characters and it’s all good. It brings me back to that place where I used to live. Partially in my own imagination and partially in the real world. It feels to me the best way for me to live my life.


Monday, 11 June 2007

Picnic Writing

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Monday 9:37pm 11June07
I came home after work, freshened my sweaty self up so I didn’t kill anyone I came close to. I packed up my bags with writing material, food, Cd’s and my disc man. I still haven’t got an ipod. I walked out the house and over to the park.

Of course my batteries were dead ass dead so I had to go to the store to buy more. I set myself back up on a park bench with my Prince Cd’s and blared some tunes and wrote like a fiend. My Prince always inspires me!

I’m thinking I’m going to be doing the poor man’s summer. I’ll be sitting in a lot of parks during the week and writing. And doing a patio each weekend, hopefully. I really want to be diligent about paying off my bills and parks are still free. But I’m not psycho. I still need a reasonably priced outing each week to feel like I’m taking advantage of the summer and patio weather.

Got a lot of writing done. Wrote a full prologue for Women of the Fold. Got some sun and fresh air. Spent some quality time being inspired by my Prince. And enjoyed the freedom of being single and not having to think about someone else and what they would rather do.


Monday, 4 June 2007

9 of cups

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Monday 4June07 7:33pm

It’s a perfect night to go rollerblading. It’s warm but not stifling and there is a decent breeze. But I’ve got too much stuff that I want to do, so maybe tomorrow.

I was a cranky pants at work today. Impatient. Didn’t want to listen to anyone’s gibberish. I had an emotional outburst because the air conditioning was too high. Why, when the weather gets warm, must everyone crank up the AC? Really if we could all just use them to take the edge off the heat instead of feeling like you’re living in the arctic. sigh! I was actually contemplating longjohns in our office. Not pretty.

In my mode of crankyness, I had to talk myself off the ledge. Why am I so cranky? What changes can I make to feel more satisfied?

I got home and worked out for 30 minutes. Gonna sit down and write for the rest of the evening. Always realize that I need a certain amount of focus in my free time. It’s when I’m not writing enough that I get cranky and impatient.

I pulled the 9 of cups from the Robin Wood Tarot.
Fat, happy, jolly, grinning man. Happy with the way things are. Emotions under control. Satisfaction.

It’s how I’ve started to feel since I decided to get over it. Stop being so cranky and do the work that makes me feel happy. And give up on the whole impatient thing, it serves no purpose anyway. We’ll see how that all pans out.


Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Competition with myself

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Tuesday 7:07pm 29May07

Well, I’ve missed quite a few days of pulling cards. My most recent card was the 5 of wands (Universal Waite). The image immediately makes me think about competition. I’m not feeling like I’m competing against anyone so decided to look at competing with myself. Looking at ways to improve what I’m doing. Or doing more today than I did yesterday.

It’s always a battle to get some kind of consistency and balance. Competing with others never motivates me to do more. But competing with myself? That has magic.

Christin Snyder who has a couple yahoo groups has started a blog with Tarot info.
all things tarot.

Her interpretation of the five of wands:
“Card: Five of Wands
Simple Interpretation: Inner conflict, turmoil, possible conflict or confrontations in the workplace or family, a need for compromise, a need for more clarity or to get clear on what ones true goal is. battles between heart/head”

I have to admit that I am battling between my heart and my head. Stuck in that caring for something and thinking of all the reasons why it would be safer for me not to care.

Check out her blog, it’s looking like it will be a good one.


Tuesday, 22 May 2007

1000 hours update

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I’ve written 165,983 words to date

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Choosing how I want to feel

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Tuesday 15May07 7:12pm

I pulled the Queen of Swords this morning from the Thoth deck and I’m just not feeling it. I’m not ready to tell everyone what I honestly think as I may totally ruin some relationships. Sometimes that kid of honesty isn’t the best medicine. Not right now when I don’t feel attached to any sort of tact or diplomacy. Best to keep my mouth shut.

Decided tonight I’d look for the card I want to be based on the picture. That card is the Priestess. With her arms open she’s absorbing the energies from the higher realms, connected to Source. She has all that she needs because she’s created/attracted it. She’s in her centre, focused, grounded, feeling the healing energy flowing through her. She has no blockages. She is open.

That’s what I want to feel tonight.


Monday, 14 May 2007

Tarot – Flash Fiction Formula

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I’ve mentioned that I found Mark McElroy’s pdf Tarot for Creative Writers and I’ve been playing with writing stories using the Tarot. What I’ve come to realize is that it’s become so much fun for me that I’ve been rushing home from work to write a new story.

Back in the day, I used to rush home every single day from work anticipating sitting at the table in the living room (when I still lived with room mates) and pulling out my steno and writing like a fiend. I’ve moved so far away from that person for many years. It often felt like more of a fight to get organized and then the television somehow seeped into my time and I was vegging instead of creating. I’m happy to say that I’ve been keeping the television turned off and I’ve been playing with my writing.

That’s really the key for me, there has to be a certain amount of play. It’s that beginner’s mind and attitude when you know that you don’t know what you are doing and you believe that with daily practice things will improve.

I’ve been doing the Tarot short stories and I’ve been doing the poems where I pick five words out of a box and try to write a piece using all of those five words. Play! It’s great to have that focus to mold and sculpt the serious writing work like my novel but there still needs to be some play for me otherwise I start to avoid all the work I feel I need to do.

Here is the Flash Fiction Formula from Mark McElroy’s PDF Tarot for Creative Writers:

Card 1 – Who/When
Card 2 – What/Theme
Card 3 – Want/Need
Card 4 – Turning Point
Card 5 – End-Hint
Card 6 – Midpoint
Card 7 – Dark Hour
Card 8 – Learn Lesson
Card 9 – Rising Action
Card 10 – Climax
Card 11 – Reflection

I use this to get me to write and have fun writing. I have no plans on rereading the stories any time soon. Maybe in a year or so. I’ve got more than enough other writings to revise. This is purely for the fun of writing. And Thank Mark McElroy for giving me that again.

Hmm and I still allow myself the really good televison shows like Heroes… two more episodes.

Mark McElroy’s sites …Tarot Tools
Made by Mark
And google Mark McElroy Tarot for Creative Writers to find his PDF book!


Sunday, 13 May 2007

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Which Mix of the Hogwarts Houses are You?

You’re a Slytherdor! You are a natural leader and have the personality to back it up. Often people are hesitant to approach you because they feel that you will reject them. You have a bit of a temper but most of the time you’re able to keep it in check; however when you are really pissed off, people better watch out. In your life you have a lot of things you want to accomplish, whether it’s for yourself or another cause. You can be determined in trying to pursue this goal but your morals are too steady to allow you to be absolutely ruthless. You don’t let many people know this, but you actually like the idea of chivalry (but you try to keep this buried) and you try to live your life with honor. You don’t back away from tough decisions. Your weakness is that sometimes you can be arrogant, you forget about the ‘lesser people’ and this leads you to underestimate your opponents. With the charisma of a Gryffindor and the ambition of a Slytherin you can be great in life!
Take this quiz!

Quizilla |

| Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code

More Tarot Fun

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Sunday 11:44am 13May07

I decided today would be a stay at home and write all day day. Yesterday before I went out to the Forte concert I used one of Mark McElroy’s ideas of using the Tarot cards to write a short story. I used the Robin Wood Tarot deck because for some reason with that deck I can see the makings of a story just from looking at the cards. It was funny because the cards could easily pertain to me and my life and yet it was easy to look at a character going through the motions and conflict and setting the example.

Mark has a great Pdf available on the net just google his name and Tarot for Creative Writers. I used pages 28 to 33 for Flash fiction last night. While googling his name to find the pdf again to mention on my blog I found a couple other good Tarot articles and uses for them other than the obvious…

Ways to Use the Tarot
and Living the Tarot.

I keep meaning to get around to studying one tarot card at a time for about a week at a time. I don’t know if I can commit to one card for a whole month but you never know.


Friday, 11 May 2007

The Magician

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Friday 5:48pm 11May07

I pulled the Magician from the Universal Waite Deck this morning. Some of the keywords that I decided to choose include: Imagination, Creativity, doing what needs to be done, realizing your potential, producing magical results…

This morning I emailed the person who noticed my emotional funk last night to express my thanks for noticing that I was falling off the edge. People don’t always notice or they do notice but could give two shits. It is amazing how just noticing someone can change their whole outlook. Some of that falls in line with the magician for me.

Obviously the energy of the magician can be used towards ones art. Sitting down and taking all the magical elements to create something of worth. To express what needs to come out. To go deep.


Reality Bites?

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Friday 11May07 6:12am

I’m finally starting to feel almost like my normal self. Just this morning. I think I’ll go swimming after work.

Taurus seems to be about reality for me and facing the reality in every aspect of my life. And yes, sometimes, reality bites the big one. It’s been a quiet week on the EY front. I’ve felt drained of all need to converse with pretty much anyone. Someone last night mentioned that I wasn’t quite myself. A subtle difference, I was told. It was nice to have someone peg it especially since I’ve said nothing to anyone about how I’ve been feeling.

My boys have been their normal teasing, joke cracking selves and I haven’t had it in me to do the dance. But when all else fails it’s back to the drawing board. Find something to inspire. Eat super healthy. Move my body. And find the joke in life.

That’s where I am this morning.

Friday, 4 May 2007

Universe/ Page of Wands

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Last night I pulled the Universe from the Thoth tarot and this morning I pulled the Page of Wands from the Universal Waite Tarot.
The Universe could be having the world in my hand, realizing my goals, finding a beautiful solution, using a gift or talent. Having the world in my hands. Accomplishment – knowing that we have goals and are moving toward them successfully.
It inspired me to pull a bunch of books off my shelves to help to motivate me with my novel. Anything to jump start my direction. Yeah yeah I still have to read those 8 or 9 binders filled with notes and chapters and scenes but I still want to write in the meantime. The act of putting words to paper keeps me in touch with my characters. I opened, Writing the Breakout Novel to a random page and got into looking at my top three favorite novels and what they have in common. My top three novels are The Great Gatsby, Five Smooth Stones, the Third Life of Grange Copeland and I threw the Color Purple in there even though it made it four novels. Somehow reading the examples in Writing the Breakout novel and thinking about these novels at the same time really clicked in my mind. I came up with the two questions (the true premise) that the whole novel is trying to answer. A question pertaining to Rachel and Kali and a question pertaining to Rachel. It’s Kali’s story but her story is based on how she sees herself because of Rachel.
I actually said out loud, “Oh my God!” Rachel’s questions make her human and flawed and well meaning and just because we’re well meaning doesn’t mean that outcome is always perfect or what we expect.
Now I feel that I can read through all my notes and chapters and scenes looking for examples of those two questions being portrayed. The Universe, I’ve got my novel world in the palm of my hands.

The Page of Wands – be creative, be enthusiastic, be confident, be courageous.
Can I just say that I wanted to call in sick to work so badly this morning so I could stay home and work on my novel. As the French would say, Thanks God it’s Friday!”
On the Learning Tarot site the first action is take a novel approach. ha ha! take a novel approach to my novel.
So I am the Page of Wands pertaining to White Wishes, I’ve come up with a solution, jumping in wholeheartedly, excited, optimistic, saying/ screaming, “Yes I can!”. I know that where there’s a will there’s a way.


Thursday, 3 May 2007

Reaching my Limits

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Thursday 5:45pm 3May07

I left work yesterday and walked down to pick up my tickets for last night’s reading plus the next readings for the month of May and June. I had an hour to kill still before the reading started so I decided I’d go for a walk. Decided I’d go wherever my legs took me. My legs took me home. ha ha! So I never did catch the reading. It was on travel writers and so far that hasn’t become an interest. Maybe when I actually start traveling I’ll be interested in finding out how other writers write about it. Right now the thought just depresses me and reminds me that I don’t get a chance to travel.

Too tired last night and this morning to pick a tarot card but yesterday morning’s card was the 9 of Swords. Something bugging me, keeping me awake at night? Not really but I’ve been darn tired. Mind you there is still that one person that I can’t seem to peg. Can’t totally figure him out and it may be time to let that all go. Sometimes the best thing to do is to let go and let the meaning come to you when you least expect it. But my thoughts of him haven’t been keeping me awake at night. So that’s my story on the 9 of Swords for now anyway.

An interesting journal to start would be a moon journal. When I read the in depth horoscopes like Susan Miller’s it will often mention an upcoming Full moon or eclipse or something and reference one from four years ago or last month and say that whatever issue you were dealing with on the previous one will surface on this one. Who ever remembers what the issues were from yesterday never mind four full moons ago? So it would be interesting to map them and see. At the very least it would be interesting to create a character who keeps such a journal. Yesterday was the full moon. The only issue that crept up was the continuation of feeling frustrated by those select people who take too much of my energy. Feeling like I’ve reached my limit and my patience has been saturated. I did write about it last night while eating my chicken wings before the Reading Interruptus. Yesterday’s full moon was in Scorpio.

Ha ha! But as I go back to look at the sheet on the 9 of swords I see – feeling you’ve reached your limits. Hmm. I pegged that with the full moon only. I love this shit!

My brain is currently more focused on climbing into bed and hibernating under my electric blanket. It’s nice to see sunshine but enough with the cold chill… When’s the warmer weather coming? Will we have any luck for May two-four weekend? Please Lord, can’t we?


Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Taking Back What Belongs to Me

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Tuesday 1May07 5:30pm

I had a Calgon take me away moment. Jumped into a bubble bath the moment I walked in the door. It was one of those kind of days.

I pulled the 7 of Swords from the Universal Waite deck this morning. My immediate thought is that the guy/joker (he looks like a joker) is stealing 5 of the 7 swords while the others have their backs turned. The booklet has: new plans, wishes, fortitude, perseverance, endeavor, hope, confidence, fantasy, partial success.

None of that really resonated with me. Today I harassed a contractor. We had a tenant that needed something taken care of since last Thursday and the contractor just didn’t do it. I flipped this morning when I found out. I left a heated message on his voice mail so much so that he refused to return any of my calls because as I was told, he was scared of me. I emailed him every 15 minutes, “Is it done yet? Are they here yet? What time will they be here?” It was a pretty stressful situation and how I managed to deal with four irate employees of the tenant without any one of them ever yelling at me is beyond me. I don’t even know how I did it except that they knew that I was equally as pissed. The job was finally done six hours later with the contractor being very clear that I won’t be calling him anytime soon to pass on some work. We have enough of that kind of work that it will affect his livelihood.

Needless to say I needed the bubble bath to cleanse the anger off my body. To take care of myself first. To take back what belongs to me. As I did some deep breathing in the bath I wondered, what if the joker is actually taking back the swords that were stolen from him? He didn’t take them all, he only took what belonged to him.

Which somehow brings me to compassion. Today, two of the people who unload their problems on me made that attempt to unload. I couldn’t do it. I listened in such a way that I wasn’t giving my undivided attention like I normally do. I offered a suggestion to one of the people and when I realized that he had ten reasons why that couldn’t possibly work I thought, “If you’re not looking for solutions, I can’t help you.” I see now that I didn’t give away all my effort or energy. I didn’t put all my focus into the same old same old. I gave two swords and kept five for myself.

Hmm, In my tarot journal I wrote a better description: Compassion vs people who drain you of your mental resources. I gave two swords of compassion and smiling, kept the other five swords to myself. That works.

I went looking on the net for a picture of the card to add and instead found this page Seven of Swords. The funny thing is that I pulled the Hierophant last night from my Thoth deck and it is one of the opposing cards to the Seven of Swords. Where the Seven of Swords can be seen as a Joker shirking his responsibilities and hiding from them (like the contractor) and the Hierophant working with in the group and taking care of what the group needs (like me).

It’s so funny that I haven’t been looking at my cards to connect with each other. Like my cards of yesterday and the night before, the Ace of swords can be a new beginning in thought with the transformation (end of a cycle) of the death card.

I’m starting to see how I could create some interesting fiction just by pulling some tarot cards and how they can interlock. It’s fascinating and inspiring and fun.


Monday, 30 April 2007


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Monday 5:54pm 30Apr07

Am I finished goofing off? I think I am. Sometimes it’s about doing nothing when you are too much of a do something kind of gal.

I’ve been feeling my tarot cards calling me, in that I’ve been thinking about my tarot cards and pulling a pack or two out. I amazed myself when I went through my box to discover how many decks I have. Plus during Nanowrimo I read an article about one of the participants using her tarot cards to guide the direction of her novel. I’ve always wanted to do that.

Looked around the net for any inspiration and found these links:
Tarot for Creative Writing
Burning Void Tarot 1
Burning Void Tarot 2

There’s more but this is a good start.

Of course I was thinking that if I’m going to play with the tarot I need to get back into pulling a card a day to get the feel for them again. It really has been a long time since I’ve done that. Last night I pulled the Ace of Swords from the Thoth deck and other than knowing that ones or aces are about new beginnings, not too much was coming to my mind.

This morning I pulled a card from the Universal Waite Deck asking, “What does the Universe need me to know today?” The idea I got from Tarot By Arwen. And the writing up part from Corrine Kenner
I pulled the Death card. My immediate thought was the end of a cycle. Surrender, prayer. But end of a cycle was the main thought.
The booklet that comes with the cards read: Out with the old, in with the new. End of a cycle. Change. Surrender

As I dug this afternoon for more meanings transformation came to mind. Transformation. What area of my life am I transforming or would I like to transform? My incident with a man last week has been swirling around my thoughts. I’ve been laughing quite a bit about it. Laughing at how some men will happily take advantage if the opportunity presents itself and will turn into whiny girls if a woman puts the kibosh on the taking advantage situation. My transformation is that I’m finally figuring men out, some of them anyway. I’m finally getting/ seeing the part I play in certain situations and keeping my own best interests at heart. And the reaction is amusing the heck out of me.

So the death is of the old me. It’s pretty thrilling. I’m all about transformation.

And finally transforming Writing Zazen. I think I may do the card a day entries here plus I just need to start blogging here regularly. I love using word press. I need to stop being so lazy about it.

Friday, 20 April 2007

Lost Without You!

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Robin Thicke – Lost Without U: Herve Romain Dedication, Closed Captioned

Can this guy and song be more beautiful?

His wife is lucky!


Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Life is magic

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Warrior Woman says your life is filled with magic and miracles. You just need to keep your eyes open for them. You stopped today and took the moment to be blessed with your piece of magic. That angel is a token of magic.

Meditate on your magic and bring yourself closer to it. Meditate and get closer to your higher self and what she has to tell you. She is waiting for you to listen. She is waiting for you to listen to your heart.


Angel at my feet

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I conked out at 6:30pm last night and slept right through to 2:30am. I honestly thought I’d sleep for a couple hours and then get up and write. Fooled me. The only reason why I woke up was because my downstairs neighbours were banging a hammer or something. I figure their downstairs neighbours were making noise and they were banging their disapproval. Considered going down stairs to bang on their heads but thought better of it. Who needs a fight at 2 o’clock in the morning.

It’s peaceful now. Just a nice hum. The cats all sleep on their separate perches. The tap is dripping. That’s the extent of the noises at this time. I get the odd whiff of Orange scented pinesol of which I mopped the floors with on Sunday.

Lolo made it safely to Korea and is stoked about her new apartment. Front loading washing machine… I’m jealous.

Was in a mood for most of Monday. Announced to a contractor, “I’m not feeling very patient today, so you need to get to the point.” Ado laughed and said he felt sorry for whoever made the mistake of crossing my path.

I don’t know what it was that made me so moody. My thoughts got dark. I could understand why some people end their lives in suicide. The feeling that the problems never end and thinking, why bother? I used that energy for Rachel and wrote a small segment of White Wishes with Rachel feeling that sense of defeat with her alcoholic husband and her children that she had to care for no matter how tired she feels or defeated. It helped. There are days when you want to get back to the Source, when you know it’s up to you to feel connected but you just can’t.

I went up to the management office to drop off some stuff. As I came off the freight elevator I saw a glinty token on the floor. I kicked it and figured it was an insignia off a portfolio or something and kept going. When I came back it was still on the floor and I decided to pick it up. On it reads, “Always with you.” On the other side is an Angel.

Ohh! Talk about an immediate mood change. Source connected with me by dropping an angel at my feet. I forget that my life is magical. I forget that I have so many good things to focus on. I have many things to be grateful for: a job and coworkers I genuinely like, a place of my own that truly is my sanctuary, my three cats that make me giggle (Picasso was grooming me last night, rubbing her head against my scalp and then cleaning me), interests and hobbies, life long friends, good health, ideas, more than enough resources (books, music etc).

My buddy who got me into my bar mess called me yesterday morning at 8:30am asking, “You want to meet up on Wednesday?” So I have another outing this week. I figure he’s got news. I also figure I have to prepare myself for the combined teasing that he and Fredo will give me since they like to tag team against me. Bastards!

Today is the new moon. A perfect time to start a new project or a new job and get a new attitude.

Picasso is crying her squeaky cry at the door begging to go explore the hallway. Might as well let her out.

Originally posted on my Writing2live blog.

Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Nervous Energy

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Tuesday 7:10pm 3Apr07

Now I’m sitting here at my desk. Still sweating from my brisk walk. Using exercise to harness my nervous energy. Impatience shrouds my thoughts making me restless. I walk down to the water and back home knowing that once I’m finished I’ll be calmer and ready to sit down and write.

I throw my crazy thoughts in the lake like skipping stones. And power walk back home free for a few more hours. I don’t know why it’s so hard to get over what I need to get over but the up side is that it’s getting me off my ass to work out. My thoughts are a few more steps on my pedometer. That’s something to count on.

I admit to wanting to get to the good parts of my life. Not like this is the worst thing that’s ever happened to me. It’s far more manageable than anything I’ve been through or what some people are going through now. But we are selfish beings aren’t we? We only really know or care about our own existence, if the truth be known. We do anything to distract ourselves from the so-called bad emotions and barely enjoy the good ones when we have them.

Looking forward to the rain that the thunder is currently announcing. I hope it pours all night and there’s a cool breeze blowing through my window while I sleep underneath my electric blanket. I hope the rain is a symbol of my mind being cleansed and tomorrow is a new day and my attitude is optimistic again. I wish I could hear the words I want to hear out of the mouth I want to hear them from. Or at the very least I wish I could stop caring.


Monday, 2 April 2007

Weaning off Anti-Depressant Medication

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Monday 7:45pm 2Apr07

I have a friend who is in the process of weaning himself off anti depressant medication. He’s having a bit of a tough time with it. I can’t really imagine what he is going through because I never went on the meds when my doctor prescribed them.

What I did instead was look at the way I think about things and try to guide my thoughts on to better things. Mostly. I took the time I needed and stopped hanging out with people who either didn’t appreciate my giving nature or who bogged me down with all their problems.

Lately I’ve been playing as if I were still a child. I’ve been looking at some of the things that make me feel better like pretending I have a split personality where the tougher personality takes care of the more fragile personality. Warrior Woman guides me and coaches me and gives me the advice that I need. I know that I’m making it all up but it’s working for me. Some times the only way you can go about attacking the frustrations and depressions of life is to go at them from a seemingly ridiculous angle.

I wonder if the people who read my blogs think I’m a crazy whack job. And at the same time I don’t really care as long as I feel good in my life.

I hope my friend can find it within himself to cope. When you realize that everything is inside you, you find all the strength you need.


Making Changes

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Monday 7:19pm 2Apr07

I’ve been making changes. I’d been focused again on trying to have some kind of social life but that’s been a bit disappointing. It’s like the Universe keeps pushing me to sit down and write. The quote that runs through my mind is from Nelly Furtado, “when my friends were out going to parties every weekend, I was home working on my music.”

I think it has to be like that for me for a while anyway. My two girl friends that work in adjacent buildings to me are leaving their jobs for jobs that are in line with their goals. I feel a little like I’m being deserted. I’m certainly being left alone to my own devices, might as well get focused. After my breaking point of a very harsh week last week, I pulled out another personality to use. I’m pretending that I have a mirror twin housed within me who is tough and who pushes me to go farther than I normally would. I call her Warrior Woman.

I’ve added conversations in my journal between me and Warrior Woman.

Warrior Woman says, why be depressed? So you didn’t get what you wanted. It just means that something better is on its way. That, ‘you weren’t invited’ energy was a little shitty but it wasn’t the worst thing that’s ever happened. You can deal with it. Somethings are not meant to be. Maybe it will still happen but as it sits right now, you’ve got to let go.

Warrior Woman says, don’t feel bad for the effort you put in. At least you know how to go for what you want. You just need to take a time out.

Warrior Woman says, the time to take for yourself is now. Now to work on the debt. Now to work on independence. Now to work on working out and getting into the kind of shape you want to be in. Now to complete your novel in progress. You could get Book 1 done easily by July 1st with using the time wisely, with harnessing your energy. Might as well learn how to do all that now. You’ve got the time.

Remember that different people work at different speeds. Just because you are ready now doesn’t mean that others are equally as ready to walk a combined path with you. Some of the path you make have to walk alone. But you are never alone. Some people will walk a few blocks with you and then leave, others will walk miles with you. Don’t waste your time on the fantasy, nothing ever turns out the way you expect. You get what you don’t expect.

You can be hurt by stubbornly wanting one option or just frustrated by the time you feel you’ve wasted. Watch others interest level. If it doesn’t match yours then move on. Keep a space open for the people who match your interest level. If you keep hitting the same brick wall that’s a message to you that something doesn’t fit.

Move on and get focused and don’t let the dumbasses distract you. There are places you want to be come July. So why not focus on that. Sometimes the only thing you can depend on is your plan. It’s not always going to be that way it just happens to be that way today. Let tomorrow deal with tomorrow. The more you focus on the frustrations of life, the more frustrations you’ll have to focus on. Keep working on yourself because you are the only person you can change. Let go of being embarrassed by what you have or don’t have. Let go of feeling self-conscious. Be who you are with honesty and they will respect you or they won’t. You can’t change that and you’ll feel healthier for it.

That’s pretty much all that Warrior Woman had to say to me.


Saturday, 24 March 2007

My Confession – Patience

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Saturday 24Mar07 11:04am

I caught the movie, Green Fingers, this morning. In it the old guy Fergus gets Clive Owen’s character to plant violet seeds in an area where no one could believe that they could ever grow. Come spring the violets have grown and Fergus makes a comment about finding beauty in the most unlikely places. He suggests that Clive Owen’s character (Luke?) find a way to learn how to embrace the adversity in his life even though they are prisoners.

Something made me think about the qualities we want to develop in ourselves. My latest quality of the last year or so has become patience. Not the losing your temper kind of patience but the long term patience of seeing things through. Of course when ever you decide on a certain quality you come face to face with it in a major way.

I am known for being uncommitted when it comes to relationships with men. Part of it is because I’ve been disappointed so often and for so long that I’d basically given up. If the truth be known. Why wish for something if it feels like it’s not destined to ever happen in your life? It seems ridiculous to me. So I stopped wishing and worse yet, believing.

I met a man in December 2005. We were introduced in passing by a mutual friend. There was something about him the moment I saw him that I liked. I can recall thinking, “He’s cute in a different way. I’d go out with him. He probably wouldn’t look twice at me.”

In February of 2006 our paths crossed again and over the last year we’ve become more friendly and have learned bits and pieces about each other. My original appraisal of him has turned into a full fledged crush. Of course nothing can be that simple in my life. With things not happening fast enough in my opinion I looked for other distractions i.e. other men to be interested in. I stayed away from him. I ignored him. I closed my thinking to him.

The male distractions never bore fruit in any substantial way. I was never that interested, my heart wasn’t in it. I could care less if it worked out one way or the other. I finally read the signs and dropped all the distractions.

Over the last five months or longer I’ve resurfaced admitting to myself finally that I can’t really get this person out of my head. I want to know more about him. I want to know if he’s a worthwhile human being. I want to know what kind of man he is. And I’ve witnessed some pretty consistent remarkable things. Nothing has developed still and yet so much has developed.
I always have all these questions I want to ask him and all thoughts escape my mind whenever I come face to face. He does and says things that are quite sweet and leaves me wondering when action will follow or if any action will action follow.

He has become my patience meter. There are certain people that come into your life and you just know what purpose your connection to each other is met. His purpose in my life is to teach me that long term patience (maybe even the patience of Job!) I’ve gone from running far away from him to that high school confusion of, “Does he like me?” Finally I’ve reached an inner calm (still with a sense of urgency) that acknowledges that whatever happens will happen. We could become great friends, something deeper, or we’ll disappear out of each other’s lives. Who really knows about anyone you meet, what your relationship could become?

Maybe it’s not how long a relationship lasts or what it develops into but who I become because of it.


Tuesday, 13 March 2007

200 Pages still to print

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I got my novel in progress all together. Found all the notes and pieces of paper of snippets I’ve written in the last ten years. I’m still in the middle of printing out the sheets that I don’t have in hard copy. Still have 200 more pages to print.

What is that? Absolutely crazy, I think. I just wanted to get it all together and then read through every piece of paper and dig for nuggets in my own writing.

I was reading an entry on Bookcritics.org today about Ian McEwan and his style of composition. I’m realizing that my style is to write like crazy and ten years later decide it’s time to read through it all. I hope I’m a little quicker on my next novel. I may have to live several hundred years to be a prolific writer!

I’m on the last chapter of Wabi Sabi for Writers by Richard R. Powell. Time to choose a new book to read.


Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Six Traits

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excerpt from the book Wabi Sabi for Writers by Richard R. Powell (an excellent book! If you want to be inspired, buy it!)

There was a wabi sabi man who struggled to express what he loved and who chronicled his struggles for his brother in a series of letters that allow us to see into his inner world. His name was Vincent Van Gogh. This artist was rejected and ignored during his lifetime but he kept painting through isolation, poverty, and illness. Van Gogh exhibited six traits in his life that are worth considering:

1. Perseverance. His art was unique and original but no one recognized it at the time. Nevertheless, he developed his own style through years of effort.

2. Wabi sabi… He understood the beauty of the ordinary, the hidden value of the everyday. He uncovered both its loneliness and the way it binds people to a place. He chose wabi sabi models for his art, simple farmers and miners authentically portrayed in their natural settings.

3. Simplicity. He lived simply and worked diligently to capture what he saw, forgoing a prosperous life for his art.

4. Expressiveness. He not only painted but he also wrote what he thought and felt about his work. He highlighted his writing with sketches and delighted in sharing beauty.

5. Independence. He lived his convictions in poverty, unappreciated and unrecognized, because he knew what he was trying to achieve. Like everyone else, he worried about his physical needs and wished he were in a better position financially, but his convictions and his strong sense of the value of his own perceptions allowed him to enter into the painting process with abandon.

6. Courage. He faced with resolution the exclusion he experienced from painterly society. He invited painters to visit him, sent correspondences to those he respected, and sought help for his illness, all while producing painting after painting.

Van Gogh lived a heroic life, and his story inpires me to continue writing when the rewards seem far away.

pages 105 & 106

Tuesday, 27 February 2007

My Goal – 1000 Hours of Writing in 1 year

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I’ve written 95643 words to date.

White Wishes

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Frustration Turns into Creativity

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Tuesday 5:43pm 27Feb07

Yesterday I started the day off with a giggle thinking how relaxing my morning at work was going to be. Well, at least it started that way. Then it turned into a beat down session with me being the one beat down. I answered the phone with exasperation more times than not.

When I got home last night I was sure that I was going to dive into bed head first. I certainly couldn’t blog. No one wants to read about that shit. I didn’t even have the energy to go to the liquor store for a bottle of wine. The thought of standing in line sweating in my layers was akin to some kind of Japanese water torture.

I didn’t think I was going to write at all. I started my journal, ‘Today the wrath of Mercury retrograde reared its angry head in my direction.’ Heck, I was the bullseye! The day was all about communication, miscommunication, hostile communication, Mercury’s domain.

Somehow I figured out that sleeping and/or drinking wasn’t the answer. So I wrote. I wrote my 1 hour mind cleanse for 30 minutes. I wrote my freeflow for my novel and I worked out. In the midst of working out I realized that frustration and anger motivate me.

I wrote in my journal, ‘What a great thing sometimes frustration can be because it stops me and gets me to ask the question, what do I most need to focus on for my sanity and my future? I need to be able to ask that question when I’m not frustrated or angry. I want to feel good. I don’t want to be ruled by a life of roller coaster emotions in order to create because that’s the kind of person I am, the one who loves to create.’

Through the midst of all that I also decided that since I’ve got all my novel notes and drafts and scratchings in one place, I’m going to read everything I have and plug the pieces into appropriate chapters of my novel.

In my journal I wrote, ‘It makes sense to go through all my pieces of writing to throw them all into White Wishes chapters. Read through it, mark up the page and type it into my novel that I’m working on now. Add the daily freeflow stuff that I’m doing for each chapter as well. Just keep adding and reading and reorganizing until I get there. And when I have read through every last bit of paper and have a whole novel then sculpt it like clay into what I want it to be.

I, today, February 26th 2007, feel like I can complete White Wishes and it’s the best feeling ever. I can really do this. How wonderful is that? It’s been a long time coming and there is still more work to do but I finally genuinely feel like I’ve got the right focus. I really need to have that feeling of creating out of thin air (freeflow/ stream of consciousness writing) because I love that feeling but, as well, I can plop the finished pieces together and read them and sculpt the scenes. It’s really really good, this love of what I do.’

Some how I transformed the frustration and channeled it. I’ve been working toward harnessing my energy instead of turning it into depression for years, yesterday I nailed it.


White Fresh Snow

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Tuesday 5pm 27Feb07

I love fresh white snow. The sticky fluffy stuff. I love to wear my geeky winter boots, the same kind you wore when you were a kid, the ones that you can step into deep slush with confidence, and kick the snow in my path. I love the sight of marshmallow white trees with their spongy snowy branches like three dimensional paintings. My heart giggles. I am a child again. I am the little sister following my big brother doing whatever he does.

My brother was an adventurer to me, when I was little. If he found me remotely interesting it was a good day in my books.

I excelled physically because I wanted to impress my brother. I wanted him to notice me as an equal. I wanted him to recognize my value. When I was ten, I could out run any of his friends. I impressed him once, when one of the neighbourhood boys called me a nigger and I chased him. He was on his bike and I ran him down, pulled him off the back of his bike by his hair and kicked the shit out of him.
” I guess you won’t call her that again,” my brother said smugly.

At ten, I wanted to keep up with my brother. I climbed moving trains with him and went everywhere he did. At ten, I discovered my limitations in comparison to my brother and made decisions/choices about who I wanted to be if I couldn’t be as good as him.

I wish we remained close. But he decided on distance and I obediently listened to his request.

But when it’s snowy outside. When it’s white and fresh and spongy. When I wear my geeky winter boots that women look at with that judgemental fashion faux pas air. When it’s that certain kind of mild winter air. I forget about everyone around me as if my eyes are closed and I walk and kick that white time machine and I remember those moments of my innocence when the biggest person in my world was my big brother. And I giggle.


Thursday, 22 February 2007

The Bar

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I’m in love! Okay, not with a person, but with a place. It’s a small bar near where I work. I keep telling myself not to become a regular at this bar. It’s nice once in awhile to show up and have a beer to break up the month of going straight home to write. It’s nice once in awhile to go in and socialize and enjoy the cold refreshing beer saturating my tongue. But it’s not my place, it’s not my hang out.

What I discover everytime I go in is that there’s something really magical about it. Everytime I go in there I meet someone new. The key of course could be that I go in there by myself, mind you, I do know enough of the regulars that I could conceivably just talk to them each time and never meet another new person. But I always meet someone new. It’s fascinating. I get to hear funny stories, heart warming stories, personal stories. Stories galore! The place feeds my writer brain. Sometimes I can sit for an hour or so and work on my writing, sometimes I can’t write because the socializing is on high and either way it feeds me.

Someone remarked last night, when I said that I didn’t know what anyone there did for a living, that it was rare to meet a person who didn’t immediately ask that question. I said that I want to talk to people not gauge how much money they may or may not earn. How much money someone makes has never been an interest to me.

At the bar, beautiful things happen in front of me because I expect some type of beauty there. I expect to meet nice people and I always do.

Last night one of the regulars was there and his daughters showed up with his 14 month old grand son. The bartender scooped up the chubby peach of a child and carried him around showing him off to everybody, excited by the size of the child, admiring the child’s sunny face. What a gorgeous occasion to see a man thrilled by children. What a beautiful blessing having the chance to see another side, a tender side of a man. Especially a man. Babies stereotypically fall under a woman’s domain. Women coo and ooh and aah over babies. In our society, men aren’t supposed to.
In Wabi Sabi for writers by Richard R. Powell, he writes, “Male stereotypes pull hard at a boy; male society encourages a kind of brutish toughness. But my heart was born tender and gentle; my strength increased when I turned away from male pride…”
What a joy to see a man that has overcome that noise and who openly enjoys the sight of a chubby baby. I could almost see his heart swelling with joy over this baby. I’d love to see him when he finally has his own child. What a deserving heart for such a sacred experience.

And then there was the tale that Derek told me because I asked… “I hope I’m not being too forward in asking but what happened?”
see Derek’s story next entry.

So slowly I’m becoming a regular in an alternate Cheers universe where everyone is beginning to know my name and I like it. Where the people feed into my writing world and where nice things happen because I’m looking for them.


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